CRT has many flexible ways for audience members to purchase tickets to our shows. For an explanation of our pricing, please read carefully below.

  • Season Tickets

    Purchasing season tickets allows you to buy early and get the seats and dates you want. Just purchase your tickets for all three plays and your discount will automatically be calculated and applied.

    Purchase Season Tickets

  • Flex Pass

    If you are not sure what date will work with your schedule, no worries. Flex Pass is for you. With Flex Pass, you make sure to get the same great subscriber rates without the hassle of committing to a date...well, at least not yet.

    The Flex Pass option is now available for the 2014 season. .

  • Individual Tickets

    Perhaps staying in town over the summer just isn't your thing, because you are the untamed, wild animal type. Every day is a new adventure, caged birds were meant to be free, and you can only catch two of the three shows. We get it.

    Purchase an Individual Ticket